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Argentinian tango FOR young people 15-30

Tango sprouts

What makes our community unique


Tango sprouts is a community of young people in Copenhagen, who meet to dance tango. We meet every Monday for a class and social dancing. Tango sprouts is something we create together. Everyone contributes with what they like – snacks, ideas, cool moves, good vibes, etc.


Tango sprouts run on passion. We do it because we love tango and would like to have more lovely people with whom we can dance.


As Tango sprout you have the opportunity to grow together with the community. Whether you’d like to develop as dancer, performer, teacher, event organiser, board member in the association or something else. 


At Tango sprouts everyone learns to both lead and follow. This gives a greater understanding of the dance and twice as much fun on the dance floor. 

Tango sprouts

Growth-house for a new generation of tango dancers

Tango sprouts is a learning community for young people age 15-30 who dance tango.

Our vision is to create a relaxed and open community around tango, where we can get to know each other, practice with each other, and go to dance events together during the week. Community and great atmosphere is key. 

Join the community. Come to our weekly event.

Mondays, 20-23, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Lysthuset.

Join our Monday workshops

Every Monday we have class, knowledge sharing and tango party. You don't need any prior knowledge of tango. We have an intro class every time which starts basic and ends somewhat advanced so there is something for everyone.

Become a member

Membership cost 100,- DKK pr year. Pay:

Create your own events

Everyone are welcome to organise events, such as intensive training, journeys, festivals, courses, parties, or bathing trips - only your imagination is the limit

Tango in Copenhagen

There are many tango schools with great teachers in Copenhagen, and there are many places to go dancing. You can see an overview here:

The team

Those who make it happen

Rasmus Schæffer Christensen

Board member

Laura Marie Jürgensen Appel


Theresa Faragó

Chair of the board

Andreas Tangegaard Nyhus


Maria Ellegaard Petersen


Asger Høegh Christiansen


Camilla Tvede Colding-Jørgensen

Board member

Cornelius Corneliussõn


Tango sprouts says

What I really like about the Tango Sprouts is that you can just come and no matter how bad your day has been just being here puts you in a good mood. It’s just really cozy. 

Ravn Roslling

What I like about the Tango Sprouts is that the teachers are incredibly sweet. 

Stig Poulsen

I like that we get to know a lot of new people and at the same time we lear some really awesome tango moves. 

Sofie Aasbjerg Rosenquist

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