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Summertrip 2024

875,00 kr.

5 days of tango practicas, cozy milongas, fun workshops, communal eating, and lots and lots of hygge!

The price includes membership for the rest of 2024. If you are already a member of Tango Spirer, you get a 50 DKK discount by typing in “member” in the coupon field.

The event is for people age 15-30 and Tangospirer teachers.

After July 1st the price will increase by 100 DKK. So, get your ticket now 🙂

Dates: 17-21 July, 2023
Place: Bringtoftevej 9, 4780 Stege

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If you do not wish to sign up for all days, you can sign up for the days you can come.

Add all the days you wish to the basket, and remember to add membership if you are not a member already.